This is a staff story written by Daniel (October 2019)

9 Nov 2020

Hello I’m Daniel and I have been working at Chestnut Court Rest Home for nearly 3 years as a chef. It’s very different to other places I have worked, in a good way.

Prior to working at Chestnut Court I had worked in fast food and pub restaurants; working at Chestnut Court is very different to the previous places of work. Working here has given me a much better work/life balance and I really enjoy coming to work, it’s the nicest job I have ever had.

What makes it nice? The people, the residents and staff we are just like one big happy family and everyone works well together to achieve the best for the residents.

Becky and Lisa the management team are very supportive, encouraging and down to earth you can have a laugh and joke with them, it makes for a very friendly place to work.

The kitchen is one of the better kitchens I have worked in; it has everything I need to cater for the number and needs of residents and staff, everything is cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients.

I have been encouraged to progress, given the training required for the role and I am pleased to say I recently successfully achieved the head chef position.

If I were to sum up working at Chestnut Court in one sentence it would be:

“It’s just like being at home and cooking in your own kitchen”

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