Residential Care

Residential Care

At Beritaz Care we deliver residential care for clients who need care and support yet allows are able to keep some independence to enjoy a higher quality of life.

What is residential care?

Residential care is for when someone can no longer manage in their own home, or if they’re feeling lonely, residential care can provide an answer. Residents receive meals, accommodation and personal care, as well as physical and emotional support throughout their stay.

Meeting Our Residents’ Needs

Ensuring that our residents receive excellent care and enjoy a high quality of life is our main concern. Staff are on hand 24 hours a day to help with general care needs: our senior carers are trained to assist with medication and work closely with our GPs and other healthcare professionals.

Care Plan

We create a detailed care plan for all of our residents when they join our care. Before a client joins our care home we discuss with them their wishes, requirements, their likes and their daily routine to understand their current lifestyle.

Working With You

Whilst your loved one is staying in our care, we keep in touch with you through numerous updates. Visiting hours are flexible to suit all schedules, so visiting your loved one is incredibly easy.  You can also subscribe to our newsletter to stay updates with our care homes. Each care home has a month by month calendar, there you can see what events and activities are happening across the care homes.

Residential care gives residents the chance to try and test living in a care home before they move in long-term. Visit one of our care homes today to see how we can help you, call: 01428 604414.