Specialist Care

Specialist Care

Each of our five properties offers exceptional care as standard, with every member of staff dedicated to the delivery of appropriate, sensitive and discrete attention to our guests and patients at all times and in every circumstance.

We also provide a range of specialist skills and services, developed to assist with particular requirements, our treatment of these conditions is of course of the highest possible standard, a standard matched only by our understanding that every single person has very specific and individual needs.

If you, or a loved one has been diagnosed with a condition or illness there is every likelihood that you will have researched causes, treatments and outcomes. Our medical experts are of course always on hand to offer advice and we work closely with family physicians, GP’s and other care providers to ensure continuity and quality of care and treatment.

You should be assured that our teams, including GP’s, Psycho-Geriatricians, Community Nurses, Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists and Dieticians, dedicated Auxiliaries and experienced Carers all work with a single motivation, the delivery of the best possible care as outlined in the bespoke care plan created for every individual resident.

In delivering these services, our concern is always for the comfort and dignity of those that we have the privilege to treat.


Parkinson’s Disease requires the specialist and supportive management of medication and treatment.

Our teams of doctors, nurses and auxiliaries work closely with each other and fellow professionals to ensure that the delivery of this care is not only precisely monitored, but also maintains as much independence as possible for every patient. Our physiotherapist can assist with the mobility needs.

The safety and security of every resident is of paramount importance at all times and we are aware that certain conditions can place people at greater risk. Epilepsy affects people of all ages and the likelihood of seizures can be reduced with proper management of medication, diet and exercise.

We consider the condition ‘holistically’ placing importance on appropriate exercise as well as music-based therapies and stress reducing programmes, the brain and body functioning at optimal performance.

Hearing Impairment, Deafness and Problems with Vision can each be an all too common symptom of age, our teams are trained to be aware of these additional difficulties and will work patiently to discover the best way of communicating with each resident.

Any conditions will be closely monitored with eye and hearing tests available on-site or by accompanied appointment where appropriate.


Recovering from a Stroke can be physically and emotionally challenging, with the process often differing dramatically from person to person.

Recognising these differences and creating a treatment programme bespoke to each individual is therefore of paramount importance to a successful outcome. Our care packages identify these personal requirements and provide a measurable set of steps designed to deliver optimal recovery.

Coming to terms with what has happened is often difficult and by taking the time to explain what is likely to happen next, we are able to take away much of the stress for the patient and their families. We help patients acquire new skills, develop effective and practical coping strategies to adapt to new limitations, and regain strength and confidence with physiotherapy treatments.

Emotional support is a vital part of our process, we always encourage patients to help themselves with regular daily activities designed to ease the transition back to independence.

Helping to treat and manage the symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy allows residents presenting with this condition to live life as independently as possible, within appropriate boundaries of safety. It is important to also consider the emotional wellbeing of sufferers and our calm, patient and sympathetic approach certainly helps to ease these concerns.

Exercise and diet are important components of any treatment plan for Multiple Sclerosis, access to physiotherapy also helps the management of the condition and helps to improve the range and quality of movement.

The capricious nature of MS can of course lead to specific challenges, but our personalised care plans feature contingencies for good, as well as not so good days.

Learning Disability

All staff including our chefs and domestic staff understand the principles and values of person centred care, delivering, communicating and engaging with residents as per their individual assessed needs, wishes and preferences.
Care staff are on hand to support residents with their physical, emotional and social needs whilst encouraging residents to remain as independent as possible.
Activities are tailored to the needs, wishes and preferences of the resident and include day to day living skills such as basic household chores to visiting places of interest, carrying on with day care services and attending clubs. We also take into consideration as people grow older their interests may change and they may just like to do the quieter things in life.