Below is the Case study of Mrs Sandra Painz by her Niece Mrs Tracey D’Cruz. (May 2019)

10 Nov 2020

My aunt Sandy has been at Springkell House since 3rd June 2017 moving from a well-known provider providing top end quality accommodation in a very large, very modern and expensive house. In fact it looked more like a hotel.

Previous to this my aunt was in hospital having suffered a stroke; we were given only 1 weeks’ notice by the hospital to find a Care Home, I was aware of the other home because I drove past it several times and I thought my aunt would like it because it was like a hotel and at the time money wasn’t an issue.   My aunt was there for three years but then I decided to move her for my own personal reasons

Since being at Springkell the feeling is great. The lounges at Springkell are small and cosy and there is always something going on. My aunt sits in a chair in the corner by the window which is bright and she can feel the sunshine on her face through the windows. This to me demonstrates that my aunts needs have been thought about.

Personal circumstances and concerns for my aunt led me to look for an alternative place for her to live and meant looking to homes more local to me.   Springkell House was the first home I viewed and I met with Karen the manager, following my visit and meeting Karen I didn’t go anywhere else.

Springkell House felt very different, very homely I liked everything that I was told and saw on my show around. The small, personal homely space at Springkell was exactly what I was looking for I decided straight away that my aunt should move to Springkell. Even though it is unknown whether my aunt is aware of her surroundings I always feel happy when I visit and feel that my aunt really likes it here.

I don’t have any concerns regarding the staff, the ratio of staff always appears right when I visit and there is great continuity of staff.

When I first walked through the door at Springkell the immediate homely feel met all my expectations, I am very happy.

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