Geoff Wilkinson

3 Oct 2022

Geoff joined us at Chestnut Court Care Home in March 2022. Geoff has always been a hard worker, at one point he was elected and served as a Labour councillor. He enjoyed sport, especially cricket and was a very popular man, with many friends. Geoff has always been an avid reader and chose mainly to read non-fiction however, he also had a great love for poetry. He even wrote for Rotherham History Society, who published some of his works.

Geoff has settled in well since moving to Chestnut Court, however he and his family had quite a journey to find him the right home. His wife Pat explained the process she went through when she made the difficult decision to move Geoff into a care home.

“As I couldn’t cope at home, I was given choices by social services which were in Southbourne, Ferndown or Fordingbridge, so I opted for the nearest which was Southbourne,” says Pat.

In July 2021 Geoff moved into a nearby care home, however it soon became apparent that the care provided there was lacking. After witnessing several concerning instances with Geoff and other residents there, Pat decided to move Geoff from that home.

“I contacted CHS Healthcare who identified vacancies and arranged for me to view two homes that had been deemed suitable. “

One of the two homes Pat visited was Chestnut Court Care Home, which seemed to her to be a good option and a better fit for Geoff.

Pat explained, “I feel, Geoff seems more relaxed at Chestnut Court than the previous home and better cared for.”

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