Judith Herrington

13 Mar 2024

Judith Herrington has been a resident at Springkell House since July 2018 and celebrated her 96th birthday at the home in 2023.

Judith is one of the liveliest, happiest and funniest residents at the home, she is a pleasure to be around and makes everyone else smile. Judith has always lived a very active life, in her younger years her favourite activity was going on long walks with her friends and she was a big fan of sports, in particular tennis. At Springkell House we support Judith to continue to stay active with our armchair exercise sessions which she likes taking part in, and she still enjoys keeping up to date with the tennis matches on TV.

One of the main things Judith enjoys about living at Springkell House is the companionship we provide here. Judith loves having a chat and will often seek out the company of others, whether her fellow residents or our staff members. Judith enjoys regularly participating in the activities we run at the home, she is happy to take part in almost any activity but her favourites are quizzes, bingo and our musical entertainment. The most important thing for Judith is the socialisation and company these activities provide.

When not taking part in group activities, Judith loves to do a word search, which she finds very relaxing and provides her with great mental exercise. She is brilliant at maths and counting, her observation skills also come in very useful when we are playing games. As well as the company of other people at the home, Judith finds great comfort in the companionship of her little plush bear, Georgy, who is always with her.

Judith is friendly and has an optimistic outlook on life, she always finds the positive in any situation. We are so pleased we have been able to provide a happy home for Judith here at Springkell House, which she describes as “the perfect place to be!”

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