Judy McGhie

3 Oct 2022

Judy has been with us at Chestnut Court Care Home since August 2021, when her sister Gillian discovered Chestnut Court and found it to be the best fit for Judy’s needs.

Judy has always been very independent since a young age, she never married and always worked to support herself. She cared deeply about her friends and her dog, Charlie. Judy had been living in Spain in a lovely property where she enjoyed BBQs and spending time on the roof terrace, her sister Gillian would often visit her here.

The process of Judy moving to Chestnut Court was not an easy one for either herself or her sister. Gillian explained, “I and others became increasingly concerned about Judy living in Spain on her own.  After I spoke to Judy, she agreed to come back to England and live with me so I could look after her, we both agreed it was for the best. Judy was put on the plane in Spain, and I was waiting for her to arrive at the airport.”

Judy lived with her sister for around a year, however Gillian began to find it difficult to cope with caring for her. Judy then unfortunately suffered two falls, fracturing her pelvis then breaking her hip. At this time Judy was admitted to hospital, as Gillian was struggling to cope she asked the hospital staff for advice. “I asked the hospital if they could find somewhere for Judy to live that was near to where I lived, so I could visit Judy regularly.” The hospital suggested to Gillian that she visit and speak with the team at Chestnut Court Care Home.

“When I visited Chestnut Court and was shown around, I found it homely. This seemed ideal as the home was near to where I lived too, so I could visit regularly.  So, when Judy was discharged from hospital, she went straight to Chestnut Court and was admitted.”

The move was a positive one for Judy, and Gillian has been happy to see her sister well cared for and comfortable at the home.

“I visit Judy every week and when I am invited to coffee mornings and fetes that are going on at Chestnut Court, I do my best to go, which is nice for both of us.  Judy is always pleased to see me and staff support Judy to ring me when she asks to talk to me. I am glad I found Chestnut Court”, says Gillian.

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