Mary Westmacott

23 Dec 2022

Mary came to stay with us at Robertson Nursing Home for short-term respite care, for a period of six weeks in the Autumn of 2022. Mary’s family were looking for somewhere she could stay for a short period and would be able to help her improve her mobility, they wanted her to feel steady on her feet and confident to return back to her own home.

Mary’s family were keen to find somewhere local to where they lived for her to stay, so they were still close by and could visit her easily. Robertson Nursing Home was recommended to Mary’s daughter, Sarah by a friend, after further research it proved to be the perfect fit for Mary’s needs and an environment Sarah was comfortable with her mother staying in for a period of time.

During her stay at Robertson Nursing Home, Mary participated in additional sessions with our on-site physiotherapist and was helped with exercises to improve her mobility. It was established during her pre-admission assessment that Mary would require intensive physiotherapy, therefore this was built into her personalised care plan. In addition, the care staff at Robertson Nursing Home would encourage Mary to practice walking throughout the day and provide any support needed to assist her mobility.

Both Mary and her daughter’s experience of Robertson Nursing Home was a very positive one. “The care provided by the staff was exemplary and everyone at the home was extremely friendly”, said Sarah. They also praised the cleanliness and warm atmosphere of the home, it was the perfect environment for Mary while she needed some additional care.

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