Mr & Mrs Hoy

10 Oct 2023

Mr and Mrs Hoy have been residents at Springkell House Care Home for several years and it has been wonderful to have them with us throughout this time. It is lovely to see them continue to live happily together, with the additional support and care we have been able to provide at Springkell House.

We were delighted to help Mr & Mrs Hoy celebrate their 90th birthdays in the summer of 2023, by hosting a party for their friends and family at the home. They had a lovely party outside in our garden, surrounded by all the people that mean a lot to them. We arranged a fabulous afternoon tea and fantastic birthday cake for Mr and Mrs Hoy to share with their loved ones.

The celebrations were so special they even featured in our local paper, the Haslemere Herald. The article spoke about the unwavering love of this wonderful couple, who were married in Grayshott and continued to live and work in the area their entire lives. Mr Hoy particularly enjoyed reading the article and seeing his photo printed in the paper.

Mrs Hammond, the daughter of Mr and Mrs Hoy, was kind enough to share her thoughts on her experience with Springkell House since her parents first came to stay with us in 2020.

“My parents have been at Springkell House for 3 years, since Dad had a fall at home that required hip surgery, then subsequently needed full time care.  Mum missed him and also needed some degree of care so joined him at Springkell a couple of months later. Obviously the start of their journey there was tough for us all due to Covid, but now that’s behind us they seem settled and happy at Springkell. Since then I’ve enjoyed getting to know some of the other residents on my regular visits and without exception always receive a cheerful, respectful and warm welcome from the team. It’s reassuring to know the home is well staffed with their own employees, not agency staff – so important for the residents to see familiar faces. The staff are so sweet and caring.

I appreciate the fact that Springkell just get on with their job, taking care of everything for my parents (including taking them to hospital appointments) and rarely phone me with issues (unless urgent), unlike when they had home carers. I don’t feel so alone having the Springkell team there to talk to and actually feel part of a family when I visit. It’s easy for them to see a GP regularly, as there’s a weekly scheduled doctor’s round. Also, the home employs its own part-time physio, who’s invaluable after hospital stays, since she knows the residents and their capabilities better than hospital staff and is also able to advise the staff on best moving practices for those with mobility issues.  I also appreciate the fact that, wherever possible, the home makes every attempt to get residents dressed and out of bed daily (unless they’re poorly or refuse), despite the fact it might be easier to leave them in bed.

The food is very good and I was delighted with the special tea party the team organised with pleasure for my parents’ 90th birthdays – special moments to treasure.  My parents particularly enjoy the therapy animal visits (rabbits, ducks, guinea pigs, chickens, goats, and occasionally a donkey).  The lady who brings the animals knows all the residents by name, as does their regular visiting musician, who has a good sense of humour and is great with the residents too.

The management team are approachable and always willing to listen to any suggestions, which they welcome.”

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