This is the Case study for Mrs Marie Punter written by her long term friend Jenny Ellen (October 2020)

10 Nov 2020

I have known Marie since I was a young girl as her daughter was my closest friend.  My mum passed away when I was very young, she was like a second mum to me, and I spent many days and hours around her house.   Sadly my best friend passed away in 2016 and Marie’s son-in-law 2 years later.  I continued to visit every day to make sure Marie was ok, that she had enough food in the house, do a little shopping and pick up her pension each week.  Just before my best friend passed away I started to notice little changes in Marie, she was a little forgetful and would repeat herself.  It didn’t occur to me this might be a form of Dementia but more relating to old age.  As time advanced it was becoming clearer Marie was having difficulty looking after herself.  I would make her meals and drinks and make sure she took her tablets.

Marie became very anxious and would constantly call me and if she couldn’t get hold of me she would call the police, I know it was because she worried about me, but her phone bills were becoming astronomical.  It was in April 2020 when Marie fell and broke her hip that I knew alternative arrangements would need to be made to keep her safe. It was a very difficult decision to make especially as I knew she had said she did not want to go into a home.   A week in Frimely Park Hospital and then a month in Farnham Hospital to recover gave me some time to find the right home for Marie.  I live in Bordon therefore it was important for Marie and me that the home was close so I could continue to visit frequently.

We heard so many frightening things about Covid-19 spreading through care homes at the time I was looking, so what sold Springkell House for me was it didn’t have anyone living or working in the home that had caught or was suffering with the virus.

I wasn’t able to visit Springkell House and see for myself what it had to offer and I am not very good at technology but a friend helped me to look at the home online. I liked what I was seeing and reading and felt assured it would be the right place for Marie.

Marie has now been in Springkell House since May 2020 and has settled better than I could have hoped for, she appears happy when I see her and she always looks clean and tidy.   She thinks Springkell House is her home, that says a lot about how she has settled.   Due to visitor restrictions I still haven’t been able to see inside the home and see Marie’s bedroom but I continue to visit regularly and meet under gazeebo in the garden.  I am always greeted by friendly, smiley and welcoming staff, who are very responsive to Marie’s needs, and I mustn’t forget the lovely tea and cake I am offered every time I visit.   They all very caring and nothing is too much trouble.

Hessie the manager, Sherry and Stella senior carers have been very supportive and always come straight back to me if I have any questions.

I don’t have any worries or concerns about the care and support Marie is receiving at Springkell House, I believe she is in good caring hands.

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