This is the case study for Patricia Bowen written by her son and Daughter in law (Feb 2020)

10 Nov 2020

My mum Pat has been living at Springkell House since January 2019, like many elderly people my mum was adamant she did not want go into a home. She is quite young at 78 compared to some people who move into homes these days.

Mum started to show worrying signs of memory loss and doing things out of character for her in 2015.  She had insight and was concerned for herself, arrangements were made for mum to see a specialist at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and various tests later including speech, coordination and a MR Scan,     mum was diagnosed with Progressive Frontal Lobe Aphasia.

This was of specific interest to mum and us as it is a rare form of Dementia and the one Terry Jones famed for Monty Python’s Flying Circus and who recently passed away had been diagnosed with.  Mum used to follow his progress.

As time moved on we witnessed signs of mum’s behaviour changing and at times she could be difficult.  She then started to experience falls and was becoming more and more frail, falling out the front door on one occasion.  I would get numerous calls from her in a day, this wasn’t a problem but I couldn’t always get to her and that was upsetting for her and me.  We started to see she was getting low in mood and was prescribed antidepressants.

We didn’t know what to expect and how mums condition would progress, professionals were unable to tell us as well and we didn’t know where to go for support.

Mum ended up in hospital in January 2019 and it was clear to us she would not be able to go home again even with the aid of 24 hour care. Whilst she was adamant she did not want to go into a home we felt we had to at least give it a go. We were left to our own devices to find out where to go to get advice and support.

Just by chance one day when we were visiting mum in hospital the Registered Manager of Springkell House was visiting a resident who had been admitted to hospital from the home and we got talking, she advised us to visit Springkell House when we were ready.

I knew of Springkell House, in fact it is well known throughout Hindhead, it has a good reputation as one of the better care services in the area and mum just lived behind the home.  I grew up in the village and knew some of the staff working in Springkell House.

We didn’t make an appointment we just turned up and knocked the door and we were welcomed in. We instantly felt a good vibe from staff, residents and the environment.

It took time for mum to settle and I know she gave the staff a run for their money but from day one they showed respect and dignity to mum and gained her trust, they are very good with her.

From day one we couldn’t be happier with the care mum has and is receiving, she loves the food.  They hold great social events which we are invited to, the Summer BBQ and Cake and Coffee morning were outstanding.

We haven’t been able to see mum since the home went into lockdown but we are regularly updated of mum’s wellbeing and we have talked on the phone.   I know mum is safe that’s all I can ask for, the staff are brilliantly

“Springkell House has been brilliant from day one it’s a good happy home”.

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