This is the case study for Rosemary written by her Daughter Debbie Aug 2020

10 Nov 2020

We are really pleased with the progress mum is making at Robertson Nursing Home, she appears to have settled in well and whilst she still needs encouragement to eat and drink, we were heartened to hear she had eaten a roast dinner at the weekend. It was a concern that mum wasn’t eating and drinking but with the patience and the dedication of the staff this is slowly improving.

Because mum was very good at masking living with Dementia we hadn’t realised how far forward the Dementia had advanced. Up until the Coronavirus came about earlier this year and having to go into hospital  for a Urinary Tract Infection mum was still going out, using the bus to  hop into Cranleigh, visit her friends and go out for coffee. All of these routine activities were very important to her.

We had already started the process of mum being diagnosed with dementia towards the end of last year and a memory test had been conducted as part of this assessment, but further investigation had halted due to the restrictions with the pandemic. During the Lockdown period mum really struggled with understanding why she could not go out and she lost her daily routines. We provided support by shopping, cooking and housework as well as accompanying her on a walk every day. However, with increased confusion and then beginning to feel unwell with a Urinary Tract Infection she required support from both my brother and myself during the day and overnight. It  was at this time we felt mum would benefit from respite care, but when she did not respond to antibiotic treatment at home she was admitted to hospital.

Following a three week stay in hospital and several consultations with mum’s consultant who confirmed our fears that mum’s dementia was more advanced than we thought, it was advised mum would need long term nursing care.

With help and advice from our local GP practice we started to look around and make enquiries, we had heard good reports about Robertson Nursing Home and arranged to meet Penny the Manager. We couldn’t go into the home because of the restrictions put in place by the home to minimise the risk of the virus entering, but we did meet Penny in the garden. She was very reassuring and supportive but it was her warmth and professionalism that sold it for us, plus the home was Covid-19 free.

We later undertook a virtual video tour with one of the senior care staff [John], the home had a homely feel and atmosphere, we learnt that residents were still socialising, which was important for mum being a sociable person.

Penny undertook all arrangements for the transfer of mum from hospital directly to Robertsons and was extremely knowledgeable and supportive during this discharge period when the usual  procedures of arranging for care by meeting with all the necessary professionals in hospital could not happen due to the virus.

Mums reluctance to eat and drink was our biggest concern but the joined up working of the whole team from the chef [Sharon] to the nursing staff and their hard work we can see their determination is paying off. Mum’s room opens up to the garden which has meant we have been able to see mum a couple of  times at a distance .  We also ring every day and speak to mum, it’s reassuring that she still recognises our voices. The communication is excellent; we receive weekly emails with updates of what is going on in the home and we have received calls from Angela the Clinical Lead Nurse to discuss mums nursing needs. In these unpresented times our journey has been made easier by Penny and her team’s demonstrated capabilities and their approachable, efficient and effective communication.

Robertson’s Nursing Home has proved to be caring and friendly.

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