This is the case study for Shirley Butcher written by her friend Sheila Mansell. (June 2020)

10 Nov 2020

I can’t express how much Springkell House has been a godsend to me and Shirley’s husband Dr Butcher. At a time when we desperately needed to find the right place for Shirley while Dr Butcher received urgent treatment they were extremely helpful and I can’t be more grateful. They were brilliant.

Shirley uses Springkell House for respite and has been doing so since 2017. She stays a couple of months at a time and during this pandemic has been in the home for several weeks. The home has handled the situation efficiently and effectively to prevent the virus entering the home and again we are very grateful and reassured Shirley is receiving the best possible care.

Shirley was in the home when it closed its doors very early on to prevent the infections entering and spreading. Dr Butcher decided to take Shirley home but, unfortunately, she became very unwell with a urine infection and was admitted to hospital.

Before she was discharged. we asked if Shirley could go back to Springkell House and they kindly agreed. They took all the necessary precautions to ensure she was tested negatively for the virus and she was isolated for the recommended time. In 2017 Dr Butcher required treatment for a life-threatening condition and wanted the best possible care and place for his wife whilst he was away and unable to look after her.

Shirley is a very privileged lady and has been used to receiving the best all of her adult life and therefore it was important for us to find a fitting home to meet these needs. I found the most beautiful home in beautiful grounds . Sadly, it didn’t meet Shirley’s needs and we knew we would have find another home for her.

I visited six care homes before coming across Springkell House by chance. I knocked on the door and was greeted by friendly, smiling staff and a warm welcome from the manager. What a relief.

I explained our dilemma and Shirley’s needs. Fortunately, they had one spare room and there was no hesitation in accommodating her at short notice. We haven’t looked back from that day and Shirley settled in really well. She enjoys the daily activity, constant interaction with staff and other residents and she isn’t left alone to her own devices unless she wants to be. I know she is being really well cared for. There is always something going on, the home is a hub of activity warmth and kindness. Nothing is too much trouble for the manager Hessie and the staff, they go that extra mile with a smile and quiet efficiency.

Sadly, we haven’t been able to visit Shirley due to the coronavirus but we remain in constant communication with the home and Hessie calls us frequently to update us on how Shirley is and the home’s situation in respect of the virus.

We couldn’t be more grateful for the care and kindness Springkell House has shown and provided not only for Shirley but to us. I would certainly recommend the home to anyone.

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