This is the Case Study of Mrs Rosemary Brown written by her Husband Alan Brown (July 2019)

10 Nov 2020

My wife Rosemary has been resident at Robertson Nursing Home since November 2018 following a fall resulting in a serious head injury. After 3 months in Royal Surrey County Hospital we were asked to select a nursing home where Rosemary could continue to receive treatment and care.

Rosemary and I met in London where Rosemary was training as a nurse at the Royal London Hospital and then as a midwife in Southlands and Paddington General Hospitals. After we moved to Surrey and had children Rosemary continued her work in the Nursing profession at a Nursing Home in Haslemere.

We have lived in Essex and Somerset, eventually settling in Godalming in Surrey over 44 years ago. One of our favourite hobbies when we lived in Essex was sailing on the East Coast, we have fond memories of those times.

Prior to the fall Rosemary was very active. We are a close family with four children, 15 grandchildren and a large group of friends. In the recent years Rosemary became the personal chauffer to our many grandchildren and enjoyed numerous activities which she planned for them.

When it was time to start looking for somewhere for Rosemary to move to our family were very keen to be involved. We knew of the Robertson Nursing Home because it’s not far from where we live and our daughter Fiona has worked there as a physiotherapist for the last 15 years. Our children all wanted to view the home and visited individually, we all felt unanimous in our decision and wanted Rosemary to move into Robertson Nursing Home for the next stage of her rehabilitation and care.

It wasn’t our family’s first contact with the home, Rosemary’s aunt, Doris Fleming celebrated her 100th birthday at Robertson sadly passing away in 2014

I visit on a daily basis because our home is only a 15 minutes’ walk away, Rosemary tells me the exercise is very good for me!

On arrival I always receive a warm welcome from staff being addressed by my name. I find the staff very attentive to anticipating the needs of both residents and visitors and there is always easy access to trained medical staff and management.

An example of the close relationship with residents and family was the extremely successful Fish & Chip lunch held for 12 of our closest neighbours not so long ago. Our friends thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality.

Rosemary says the food is excellent with Sharon the cook coming round every morning to see what we would like to eat.

Rosemary’s alertness, strength and movement have dramatically improved since arriving at Robertson Nursing Home. I believe this is due to the combination of good care, excellent food, dialogue with staff, and also the added bonus of a physiotherapist to give treatment and oversee all areas of mobility and function with an aim of Rosemary reaching her maximum potential.

The staff have created a homely atmosphere, it’s a pleasure to visit and we have had very positive feedback from our many friends and family who visit regularly.

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