This is the Case study of Tahereh Teymourian Written by her Daughter Nilwoofar Hoy. (Feb 2019)

10 Nov 2020

My Mum has been at Windsor Court for over a year (Feb 2019). We are all very happy here, however my journey to get here has been incredibly bumpy road for us. I often say that I went to hell and then came back to earth. I believe my story is not uncommon for most in similar situations, especially those funding their own care. Below I outline my struggles and how the team at Windsor and Beritaz care helped us to find peace and contentment.

My Mum was a healthy 93 years old, immaculate, lived in her own flat independently and one day she went out shopping and fell as she got off the bus. She spent 3 weeks in hospital. All started she was ready to be discharged. I didn’t feel she is able to care for herself alone back in her flat, I wanted her to go into a full time care home. When I expressed this wish, I was left alone to find a care home. I begged them to show me the way, but you are left on your own to navigate through this complicated process at a highly emotional time. The road was there but nobody shown me the way and it is very confusing. As a self funder I struggled to receive the attention of any one, there was no social worker. I was given a list of homes on a Friday afternoon and asked me to find a suitable care home for mum bed by Monday 9.30am.

So here I was, not driving, trying to find a care home for mum during a winter weekend.

I visited 2 homes in East of Bournemouth, felt very sad and depressed of what I saw. I was crying on my way back thinking how can I do this to her… not knowing what to do. There was no help, no support and I didn’t know where to turn to.

Windsor Court was on my list, but the address was not clear. Some or how I turned up and first saw the scaffoldings and skip in the front, this made me worried and anxious. However, things brightened up when a smiley staff member greeted me in a hallway of tall ceilings with chandeliers; I got relaxed, everything started to get better.

The space was divine, the chandelier, everything so new, the carpets, so fresh, no smells and so clean. The welcome by Thomas was so great, he was lovely and helpful. Everyone is – Sandra, Katherine, and Lesley who helped me so much in the transition to settle and ongoing support and counsel, she is always there when needed.

I brought mum to Windsor court within 48 hours. John helped us unpack and settle in the room, he then left us alone and said “I will get you a cup of tea, let us know if you need anything else” – I instantly felt warm, safe and comforted. She likes everything and getting engaged with everyone here. Everyone likes her. Mum was blessed, the cleanliness, looking after her laundry, food is unbelievable, above all the home is safe. My Mum is not British and they care about what she eats and cook so well for her.

“You care, you improve things and this is how it should be.”

The Home is great home and while it is a business and you have invested in this and I am very impressed, the way you look after client and your staff. It is like a bird with two wings – one wing is leadership and the other one are your staff taking this forward.

I pray to God every day with Thanks I have found this house.

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