Bansariben Patel – Senior Care Assistant

27 Jun 2022

“Springkell House is a wonderful place to work, I feel valued and supported here and enjoying coming to work each day.”

My name is Bansariben and I have been working at Springkell House as a care assistant since November 2021, then progressing to the role of senior care assistant. I found out about the job vacancy at Springkell House from a friend of mine, having previously worked as a domiciliary care worker in London.

Working at Springkell House has been a wonderful experience, I have had the chance to massively grow in my confidence with the support of the manager and team leaders here. I’ve had the opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills with the regular training that is provided for us, the management are keen to help us keep up to date with our professional achievements. When I started here there were areas of the job I found difficult, but over time and with the support of everyone around me I can now easily and confidently do my job.

I really enjoy my work and getting to know the residents, every day I get to communicate and interact with the residents in a wonderful way. As a care assistant my role is to assist the residents to live their best possible lives, providing support with their day-to-day needs such as personal care, medication and meals.

I am passionate about care and was inspired to pursue this career path due to my personal family experience, before moving to the UK I was living in India with my mother who unfortunately suffered from paralysis. Being involved with caring for my mother and supporting her daily needs, motivated me to seek out a job role in the care industry, finding ways to help others who require some extra support.

All of the staff here, my fellow care staff, seniors, team leaders and management are very cooperative, supportive and friendly. They all have a great attitude which creates a happy and harmonious working environment. At Springkell House we all believe that by working as a team we will be able to provide the best possible care to our residents, which is the most important thing to us all.

Springkell House is a wonderful place to work, I feel valued and supported here and enjoying coming to work each day.

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