Chipo Matereke – Care Assistant

6 Mar 2023

“When I am assisting the residents with their personal care, I always make sure I am doing my best to make them look and feel smart.”

Hi, I’m Chipo and I have been working as a Care Assistant at Windsor Court since August 2022. I came to the UK in July just before starting my new role, the management at Windsor Court and Beritaz Care were very supportive throughout the entire process. They helped me to arrange my DBS checks and helped me to find accommodation in the local area. They were very understanding and really helped me to settle in after my move. It was the best experience I’ve ever had when starting a new job role, meeting my colleagues and getting to know everyone was wonderful. Joining the Windsor Court team was like finding a new family in another part of the world, I felt welcomed straight away.

I have been working within the care industry for quite some time, having worked in care homes in Africa before I moved to the UK. Working with the elderly and helping those who cannot help themselves is my passion. I feel good knowing I have made a positive impact on someone’s life.

Each day I help the residents with the tasks they struggle to do on their own. I help them with their meals, with all of their personal care needs and helping to settle them into bed at the end of the day. When I am assisting the residents with their personal care, I always make sure I am doing my best to make them look and feel smart. This is one of my favourite parts about my job, I enjoying helping the residents to feel good about themselves.

I also enjoy having the chance to get to know the residents, spending time chatting and interacting with them, providing any emotional support they may also need. Seeing how well all of the staff and residents communicate with each other is something I really appreciate working at Windsor Court. I have had some wonderful experiences with the residents, our New Year’s party at the end of 2022 was really something to remember. It was a day filled with singing, dancing and lots of laughter, we made some lovely memories together.

Working with my colleagues at Windsor Court is really enjoyable. I like how we all talk together, offering help or advice, and how we always support each other with our duties. Every member of staff is happy to help each other and work really well as a team.

Beritaz Care is a wonderful company to work for, they really take care of people and treat us well. I appreciate how they see their staff, they don’t differentiate and really take their staff seriously. Everyone is listened to at Windsor Court, from the residents to staff everyone’s opinions are heard and taken on board.

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