Niky Mahatara – Senior Care Assistant

20 Oct 2023

“I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when I see the smiles on the faces of people I have helped”

My name I Niky and I am a Senior Care Assistant at Springkell House. I come from a nursing background, having worked as a nurse in critical care units in Nepal before coming to the UK where I worked for some time as a domiciliary carer in Chester. I then joined the team at Springkell House Care Home in July 2023 and have spent my time caring for the wonderful residents here ever since.

I enjoy helping others and treating people who are in need, which has inspired my career within nursing and care settings. I enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when I see the smiles on the faces of people I have helped and knowing I have made a positive difference in their lives.

Each day, before my shift I check on all the residents and see how they are doing that day, then I join the rest of the team for handover from the previous shift. There is always lots happening at the home and my role involves many different tasks including managing medication, providing care for the residents I am looking after that day, monitoring all the activity within the home and ensuring the shift runs smoothly.

I am part of a great team here at Springkell House, we work well together and have different ways of doing things, I enjoy learning different styles of working from my team members. It feels like we are a family working together. It feels nice to work in an environment where we have transparency, it makes the home a comfortable place to work. This kind of positive environment, I think, is essential for people to be able to work well.

My favourite thing about Springkell House is the residents here. I really enjoy interacting with the residents and hearing their stories, they are all such different people who have lived fascinating lives so have lots of stories to tell. I miss spending at last an hour at the end of my busy shift every day, chatting to my grandparents which used to make me so happy. Being able to spend time talking to the residents helps me bring back a bit of that feeling.

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