Phawama Maden – Senior Care Assistant

4 Apr 2023

“I am passionate about helping others and having the opportunity to do so every day is probably my favourite thing about working at Ashton Manor.”

Hello, I’m Phawama and I have been a member of the Ashton Manor team since 2019. I have always been interested in healthcare and had dreamed of being a nurse since I was very small. I watched my dad in hospital during his battle with cancer, this inspired me to want to help people and learn the best methods for supporting those in need.

Before I started my career in care I used to work in a school in my home country, teaching maths and science, then for a time when I came to the UK I worked as a sales assistant. My journey in the medical and care profession began when I took a job in a hospital, providing support with administrative tasks.

When I joined the team at Ashton Manor I received full training and was able to start fulfilling my dream. I wanted to help people that are vulnerable, it gives me great satisfaction to know I’m helping to make someone’s life better. I initially completed a Care Certificate, which helped me to understand my care role and the correct way things should be done. I was then given the opportunity by management to do an NVQ qualification, this has really helped me to further understand how best to help our residents.

My hope is still to have a career in nursing one day and I am planning to go to university to study for this. Working at the home has enabled me to gain so much knowledge and experience which has helped towards my dream of becoming a nurse.

Taking on the role of Senior Care Assistant at the start of 2023 has brought with it new challenges, since taking on this role, my job has involved more of leading the team and taking care of the staff. It is my job to lead the team by example and ensure we are maintaining high standards throughout the home.

I am also involved in communicating with external people that support the home, such as nurses and other medical staff, or even our visiting hairdresser. I ensure there is good, clear communication with all these people, coordinating their visits and explaining our requirements.

I feel like I work with family members at Ashton Manor. Any concerns I have I know I can express, whether positive or negative, and I know I can feel comfortable to ask questions. My colleagues will always hear me and care about my concerns. If I am having a problem, they will take me aside and offer support. I know within the team I have the freedom to express my feelings and opinions safely.

I have many fond memories shared with my colleagues, my favourite memory is of our first staff Christmas party after I joined the team. We had a really fun evening enjoying a show and dancing together. This was just after I had joined and I was still very shy, so this helped to break the ice and was the start of many lasting friendships.

I really feel that Ashton Manor and Beritaz Care as a company, cares about its staff. Throughout covid and the lockdown periods, we received great support from management and Beritaz’s CEO. They really cared about our wellbeing throughout that time and offered us emotional support, they also ensured we were taken of financially and with food packages. It was these small acts of kindness that helped us all to know we were cared for during that difficult period. They have continued to show concern for staff wellbeing, arranging vaccinations and ensuring we are up to date with flu and covid jabs.

I am passionate about helping others and having the opportunity to do so every day is probably my favourite thing about working at Ashton Manor. At the end of the day, I know I make a difference to the residents during the most vulnerable stage of their lives. I enjoy knowing I have contributed a little bit of happiness and spark of joy in their day. When I see the residents happy and feeling better it makes my day.

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