Robiul Islam – Domestic & Kitchen Assistant

18 Mar 2024

“I am grateful to be part of a team that feels like a family, where no matter the challenges we are faced with we always support each other.”

My name is Robiul and I have been working at Springkell House Care Home as a Domestic and Kitchen Assistant since October 2023. Before joining Springkell House, I worked in an Italian restaurant as a kitchen assistant and assistant chef in London.

Before moving to UK, I worked in my home country of Bangladesh as a supply chain management professional, where I worked in different companies like MNCs, e-commerce, f-commerce with cross-functional experience.

I always love to help people, everyone around me knows that I am one of the first people to volunteer to help someone when it is needed. For me, working in the nursing and care sector is a perfect fit and I feel blessed to play a part in caring for others. My daily tasks may not be care related, but I think I am helping to make the residents comfortable through my work, that is the main goal.

Although my professional career hasn’t been spent in the care industry, in my personal life I have always been involved with caring for my loved ones. This industry and profession are all about caring for people, many of whom are similar to our parents or grandparents. We are privileged to be able to help them with their daily needs.

My wife Razin also works at Springkell House as a Care Assistant, which is another reason I was keen to take the opportunity to join this team. It’s just the two of us here in the UK, we are far away from our parents and families. When I started working here, I realised within a few days that Springkell House would become like my second family. I am lucky to have some lovely and friendly colleagues at the home, who always have a smile on their faces whenever I see them.

Everyone at Springkell House is very helpful and cooperative in all aspects of the work we do. I am grateful to be part of a team that feels like a family, where no matter the challenges we are faced with we always support each other.

My job is essentially to keep the care home clean and germ free at all times. It’s a role that takes a lot of precision and care, to keep every part of the home clean and tidy, just like you would do within your own home.

Another aspect of my role is helping the kitchen team with providing the residents’ daily meals. I enjoy serving the residents a nice cup of tea, it brings a smile to their face and I enjoy knowing I have made them happy. It’s the little things like a nice cup of tea and a friendly chat that can sometimes make their day.

I am very happy to work at Springkell House and enjoy being a part of this great team. Seeing the smiling happy faces of the residents is the highlight of my day. The residents are the heart of the home and seeing them reminds me of my own loved ones, some of whom have sadly left us. Being around the residents is like spending time with my own grandparents, that’s what drives me to work at Springkell House. It is a wonderful and amazing place to work.

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