Sharon Fisher – Chef

30 Nov 2022

“I find the work I do very rewarding and enjoy knowing I have made a positive impact on our residents’ lives.”

Hello, my name is Sharon and I am the Chef here at Robertson Nursing Home. I have been working at Robertson for over 20 years, initially I joined the team as a Care Assistant. I had an interest in the care industry as my mum had worked as a carer, this inspired me to take on this role.

After a few years of working at Robertson, I started to help out in the kitchen when the chef was off sick or on annual leave and found I really enjoyed this type of work. I moved to working in the kitchen full-time about 10 years ago, I was interested in developing nutritionally balanced menus that would suit our residents’ dietary requirements and enjoyed creating meals with the types of food that I knew our residents would enjoy.

My day-to-day tasks in my role as Chef at Robertson involve prepping the food for the residents’ meals, as well as ordering stock to ensure we have a good supply of the residents’ favourite foods. I make sure that the residents enjoy tasty, wholesome and nutritional food on a daily basis, that meets all of their nutritional needs and dietary requirements.

I enjoy going around and talking to the residents about what is on the menu each day and giving them options of what they would prefer to eat. I find it really helpful to hear the residents’ comments and feedback on the food we serve, their opinions are always taken on board, and I like to give them opportunity to decide what food they would like to eat. The menus at Robertson are designed around our residents and what food they enjoy, as well as what is nutritionally beneficial for them.

I really enjoy working within the team here at Robertson, I feel I have a good rapport with the rest of the staff and get on well with the team members I work with on a daily basis. Every day at Robertson is different and full of its own challenges, but I find the work I do very rewarding and enjoy knowing I have made a positive impact on our residents’ lives.

Having been a member of the Robertson team for such a long time, I have so many great memories of times with the residents and working with my fellow staff members. I look forward to making more great memories in the future.

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