This is a staff story written by Allan (Feb 2020)

9 Nov 2020

Hello I am Allan and I have been working at Springkell House Care Home for 14 months.  I am an experienced carer and have worked in many care homes over the last 14 years, in all that time I cannot say I have enjoyed working in any of them as much as I enjoy working at Springkell House.

I was a chef for 20 years but it’s never too late to change and at the age of 62 I decided to make that change to a carer.   I keep myself fit; I exercise regularly and look after myself.

I am a happy self-motivated person and very much enjoy working as a carer, especially at Springkell House.  I found out about the vacancy by word of mouth as do many of the staff who work here, but I know we do advertise as well.  A friend told me about the position and my wife works here also.  We all work very well together.

From the residents to the managers everyone gets on, it’s like we are all one happy family.  My colleagues are very supportive of one another and me, we are organised, we know what each other is doing at any one time.  The residents are great I love spending time with them and learning about them and what their life was like before moving into the Springkell House.

We are provided with great support from the management team and the training we receive to help us carry out our roles and responsibilities is very informative.

Springkell House is a happy place to work, to be honest even if I felt a little unwell I would still come to work because it is a great place to be.

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