This is a story written by Priscilla Ferraz Care Assistant

11 Mar 2021

“Dedicated and always ready to learn”

Hello I’m Priscilla and I have worked as a Health Care Assistant at Ashton Manor Nursing Home in Farnham since 2019, and I love it!

When I was 15 years old, my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. At that time I didn’t understand what he was going through (this was all very new in my country). After he passed away, I had this thought in my mind that one day I would help people with dementia the way I couldn’t help him. Years passed by and finally my dream has come true.

I started working in Ashton Manor without any experience in care, only with the desire and love to help those who are vulnerable.

With all the training that has been provided and the opportunity to learn something new every day I can now say I am an experienced carer.  We are encouraged to grow and with tools in place to enable us to do that, such as very good training, supervisions and a personal development plan.  The personal development plan has enabled me to see for myself the progress I am making in my chosen career.

I am grateful for the trust that has been instilled in me and the achievements I am making. I am now mentoring new colleagues and helping them to do a good job, and thanks to the personal development plan, in the future, I know I can do so much more for the company.

I know I was lucky to have found a job opportunity at Ashton Manor, the team works very well together and we are all very supportive of one another, and we know we can count on the managers to be there for us.

The values of Beritaz Care the company that owns Ashton Manor are great, you can see that they are part of everyday life and they are not worked at or for show, they have real meaning.  The residents and staff are very much valued.

Ashton Manor cares about its staff, we have the freedom and opportunity to make choices and share ideas. The managers are open to accept them (not always is possible, of course, but they are always making sure to try) and because all of the above, I have no doubts in saying that; you can put your trust in them.

I would encourage others to come to work for Ashton Manor and join our team because you will find is a very gratifying job, it’s a great experience and you will evolve and see the world differently.

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