Growing for Wellbeing Week 2024

Growing for Wellbeing Week 2024

“It’s not what you grow, it’s how you grow!”

There are so many benefits to gardening as a pastime, from the positive impact of being outside in nature, to the joy that comes from watching a plant grow from the smallest seed. This is why at Beritaz Care, we are celebrating National Growing for Wellbeing Week.

Gardening is a favourite hobby of many of our residents and we love to support them to enjoy this pastime through our activity programmes within our homes. As well as being a calming and therapeutic activity, gardening encourages our residents to enjoy some fresh air, engage in socialising, and helps them to practice their fine motor skills and coordination. Gardening is a fantastic activity to support both our residents’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Many of our residents have been keen gardeners for many years and we are delighted to support them with the space and tools to continue this hobby, with the help of our staff. As we look ahead to summer, our residents have already been busy preparing new plants to be added to our gardens this year.  We are sure to have some beautiful flowers surrounding the homes as well as some delicious home grown produce to enjoy in a few months.

At Beritaz Care we always take great pride in our gardens, making sure there is a beautiful outdoor space with lots of lovely flowers for our residents to enjoy at each of our homes. This also comes in handy for another of our residents’ favourite activities, flower arranging, helping us to bring a bit of the outside indoors for everyone to appreciate. At our homes we make sure there is plenty of opportunity for the residents to be at one with nature and tend to their own plants. We have dedicated areas in our gardens for growing fruits, vegetables and herbs, all of which the residents get to enjoy tasting when they are fully grown.

What will you be growing in your garden this summer?

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