Dementia Action Week 2024

Dementia Action Week 2024

Join Beritaz Care in raising awareness and understanding of Alzheimer’s and dementia this Dementia Action Week. At Beritaz Care we have first hand knowledge of the struggles faced by individuals with dementia and their loved ones, therefore we understand the importance of this campaign and the work the Alzheimer’s Society does.

At Beritaz Care we are passionate about raising awareness of dementia, understanding the condition and educating ourselves on the best way to support those with dementia. At our homes we are constantly striving to adapt the care we offer to support our residents with dementia in the best way we can, offering activities tailored to those with dementia and adapting the living environment to make life easier and more comfortable. Our staff are always keen to get involved with training and education to ensure we are adopting best practices in the care of our residents, taking on new methods of care that may specifically benefit residents with dementia. We also do our best to support our residents’ family members, talking them through diagnosis, what to expect and next steps, as well as advising them on things they can do to improve their loved one’s experience.

We have been long term supporters of the Alzheimer’s Society, who work with individuals and organisations across the UK to encourage people to act on dementia. The Alzheimer’s Society provides resources and materials to help families spot the early signs of dementia, dealing with a dementia diagnosis and how to support someone with dementia to live their life to the fullest. As well as putting individuals in touch with local organisations and groups that can offer support, the Alzheimer’s Society also funds dementia research projects.

If you are interested in finding out more about Alzheimer’s and dementia, or if you have a loved one who has been diagnosed, visit the Alzheimer’s Society website to access their library of useful online resources;

Join us in showing support for Dementia Action Week 2024 and encouraging conversation around this condition which impacts many of our residents and family members.

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