Celebrating our four-legged friends this National Pet Month

Celebrating our four-legged friends this National Pet Month

At Beritaz Care we are animal lovers, whether that’s our own family pets or the amazing therapy animals that regularly visit our homes. We understand the positive impact that is felt from having an animal in your life and how much they deserve to be treated with love and kindness. That’s why we are happy to be celebrating National Pet Month this April at all the homes within the Beritaz Care family.

National Pet Month celebrates and raises awareness of responsible pet ownership and the ethical treatment of animals. This month we show our appreciation for all pets and the many benefits these cherished companions bring to our lives.

At Beritaz Care, we value the positive impact interacting with animals and animal therapy sessions bring to our residents. Through the wonderful organisations we work with in our homes, our residents have the opportunity to meet and interact with all kinds of pets, from cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs, to farmyard animals like ducks, chickens, goats and donkeys, even birds of prey and reptiles. Not only do our residents love to meet, hold and have a cuddle with these animals, they also really enjoy learning more about them and their care from the wonderful expert handlers that bring them to visit us.

Many of our staff have their own beloved fluffy friends who they will bring into the home to visit the residents. Often our residents will become familiar with our staff members’ pets, asking after them and looking forward to their visits, they have the biggest smiles on their faces whenever these cute pooches come to say hello.

Our residents (and staff) really enjoy and benefit from visits from these animals and pets, spending time with animals is a calming and relaxing experience that is fantastic for their mental wellbeing. It also often inspires fond memories of their own cherished pets they have had in past years, encouraging them to reminisce and share stories about their lives.

We hope you will join us in celebrating National Pet Month, take some time to appreciate all the pets you have known and give some extra love to the cuddly critters currently in your life.

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