Robertson updates May 2020

Robertson updates May 2020

Good evening/ your morning!

I am Bettys granddaughter living in Sydney. I wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful care and love you’re showing for granny. I just saw your video- she looks amazing.

Firstly thank you all again from all of us for the amazing job that you are doing and for looking after our beloved Mummy Granny Betty so well




I just wanted to drop you a line to offer a small crumb of support to you and the Home in the current trying circumstances.

The news on the impact to care homes is very worrying and all of you at Robertsons are in my thoughts.

I truly hope the impact has not been unduly severe. I know from personal experience with Mum and Elsie that the environment is

very challenging and I often marvelled at the sheer professionalism and care exhibited by the carers and staff.

I hope everyone is safe, please send my very best wishes to all at the

Home who knew me.

Best Regards



Everyday life in Robertson has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic but we’ve been doing our best to keep our lovely residents busy and happy during this long lockdown period.  For us all life has turned upside-down, but we have tried to keep everyday life as normal as possible during this time, providing plenty of fun activities and creative opportunities for the residents through this challenging time.

Easter was a special time for us and celebrated as usual by our residents who enjoyed a variation of Easter activities including making some beautiful Easter decorations outside in the garden whilst enjoying the sunshine.  The home was decorated with the colourful display of decorations for all to enjoy and we had a lovely weekend along with some beautiful weather and plenty of fresh air.

Residents are still enjoying their beauty sessions with Evelina who not only provides indulgent hand massages and manicures, but also washes and sets hair beautifully. The residents really love their pamper sessions with Evelina, she makes a real difference to life at Robertson and we’re lucky to be able to offer her time and talents to the residents!

We’ve also had a change to our care team uniform, these lovely new uniforms are smart, professional and most importantly comfortable for the carers. Emblazoned with the Beritazcare logo we’re proud of the standards we set and pleased to represent the Beritazcare brand in such smart new uniforms!

We realise that the lockdown measures that we are operating under are extremely difficult for all. In particular we empathize with our residents’ families who are unable to see their loved ones, we understand how difficult it is not to be able to visit and speak in person to those that you love. We really wanted to say thank you for all the offers of help and for the messages of thanks and appreciation we have received from families. It really means so much to us to receive your lovely messages during these unprecedented times, they keep is smiling and help to keep our spirits high during this difficult period.

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