Some positive feedback from the Relatives at Robertson Nursing Home in Godalming during Covid 19

Some positive feedback from the Relatives at Robertson Nursing Home in Godalming during Covid 19

Thank you so much for sending the photo of mum it is so thoughtful of you, especially when you are so busy. Please say thank you to Evelina, she has done a great job of making mum look beautiful.
I also wanted to congratulate you on achieving your Gold IIP Award, that is such a great achievement and so well deserved. A wonderful testament to your leadership. A gold party would be a lovely idea at some time in the future and would be a great way of celebrating the commitment and dedication of your wonderful team.
I am glad that the staff enjoyed their barbecue over Easter and hope that they are finding some time to relax and switch off between shifts. I hope that Usha and her family are ok.
I am sorry that you are having to bear such a heavy burden at this time. Saying thank you does not really seem enough to convey the gratitude I feel for what you have all done and continue to do on a daily basis.
Best wishes
Thank you Penny for your update – so good to hear – you are all doing an amazing job and I am very grateful for what a great place Robertson is. I’ll keep it short as I know how busy you are but a huge THANKYOU to all you and all the staff. You are AMAZING !!
Best Wishes and stay well.
Nicky Wilkinson ( Olga Oxley)
P.S Please send our love and a big hug to Olga

Dear Penny
What can we say except we are in awe of the work you are doing, a challenge that even at Christmas you would not have imagined likely.
I know we are always being told that it will pass but a little light at the end of the tunnel would be good.
Bearing in mind Betty’s condition we will only ring sporadically as I’m sure if she was unwell we would be told and you have as you say got more attention important work to deal with.
Keep up the good work and keep well????
Jill Eyles

Janette Weller’s (Jenny’s daughter) message to you all:
Thank you for all you and what you are doing at this awful time of uncertainty.
Skype call to mum yesterday was so nice. The look on her face when she was able to see us was a treat!
Take care of yourself and keep well. And thank you again!??

Dear Penny
Thank you for keeping us in the loop. We are so grateful as most of the family are in some sort of isolation for one reason or another. We have discovered an app called House Party which enables us to talk to each other from different locations and being able to see each other at the same time. I realise is would be not be useful for my mother but some of your more active and aware residents might like it and indeed some of your careers.
We are so grateful that we chose Robertsons for her and even if I rarely get much response when I do it’s a happy one. We also trust you to do your best for the residents and appreciate what a mammoth task is facing you. I know you will contact me when necessary but will let you get on with this enormous challenge.
Best wishes and huge thank yous from all my family.
Jill Eyles
Betty Howgego

… it’s lovely to have an update and much appreciated.

This is such a difficult time for everyone, especially so for you and the staff with all the extra necessary preventative measures having to be undertaken and keeping the residents stimulated.
I spoke to Eric yesterday and he said he is going to the dining room for his lunch which I am pleased to know and that Penny or Steve have read to him.

Thanks so much for the update Penny. A massive reassurance that you seem so calm and on top of everything. I know you have an AMAZING team for which we are all so grateful. I like the idea of Skyping and will give it a go with Mum at the weekend.
Take care of yourselves as well as the residents.
With love and best wishes
Claire ( Helene’s daughter)

Just to pass on big thank you to you and your team for all that you are doing for our mum Margaret Voss and the rest of the residents.
Best regards
Trish and all of Margarets family.

Message from Ray Cunningham(Beata’s son):

We just wanted to drop you a short line to say how much we appreciate the reassuring communications about how you are all dealing with this very difficult situation. We have every confidence that the wonderful staff at Robertson are doing everything they can, and everything correctly, to keep all the residents safe and happy.

I would like to thank you most sincerely on behalf of Jean, myself and our daughter Jo for the care you are providing for Jean.
It’s so nice and reassuring to know that she is in a safe and caring environment at this very difficult time.
Your staff are very friendly and professional and for this we are most grateful.
We look forward to the visitors’ ban being lifted and being able to visit Jean again.
Thank again for all you do.
Tony Barron

Dear Penny and team,

Thank you for the update. Just to say we so appreciate what you are all doing. Mum’s good spirits and cheerfulness when we speak to her says volumes for the care you give here, and she always says how much she feels at home and how lovely the staff are, and she is even getting the hang of Skype! We are just so grateful to you all for this. I am sure you all worry what the affect might be on your own families and those you live with, working as you do, but I stress how grateful we are to you for the care you take and amazing commitment you are all showing. A huge thank you and reminder you are in our minds at this time for what you are doing.
Stuart, Sarah and David Withycombe

Hi Penny, Gabriella and all your amazing TEAM .
I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter and say thank you for all that you are doing for Mum and all the other residents. I read the update e mails close to tears , with the way you are all adapting to the situation , and the measures you are going through , Kindness beyond words. If you or any of the staff need anything let me know , i look forward to being able to give you a HUG or Hand shake , Elbow Tap when its all over .
Take Care all of you .
Love Simon & Jane

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