Thank you from our residents to staff team during the Coronavirus pandemic.

20 Nov 2020

Thank you from our residents to staff team during the Coronavirus pandemic.

‘My aunt Kate moved to Windsor Court in January after spending a month in hospital after suffering a fall at home. As a dementia sufferer , she was losing weight in hospital and had reached a critical level. With the help of the home, we were able to transfer her seamlessly to Windsor Court. Under the care of the team there she soon recovered, and got her old cheerful personality back. We were able to relax knowing she was being well cared for. Now the team has had to deal with the corona virus as well, which they have done professionally and caringly despite the concerns about their own health and that of their families. It is such a relief to have her looked after so well. Her still being alone in her own home doesn’t bear thinking about. I and the family say thank you so much to all the team, you’ve been great’.
Best regards, Nick

I am so grateful for the extra attention you pay my uncle Derek.  He is always mentioning the extra steps you all take to make him   feel loved, entertained and active – not only during this Time of COVID 19 but throughout his stay at Windsor Court.  I live across an entire ocean from my uncle and it is wonderful to be able to stay in touch with him through Skype Calls which you arrange with no trouble at all.

Keep well and keep safe,


My sister and I would like to thank the staff at Windsor Ct for looking after our mum Hilda, especially during these troubled times

Kindest regards

Bob Oliver

“In these difficult times I would have been so concerned about the wellbeing of my cousin who until last year was living alone with dementia.  I am so grateful to Leslie and all her team at Windsor Court for making her welcome and for giving her the ongoing care that she needs.  Whenever I phone the staff always have time to update me on how she is and don’t seem in a hurry.  Recently I have been able to contact her by skype and to actually see that she is well and happy.  I am very grateful for the regular updates from the home with regards to how they are looking after their residents during the Covid Virus, and feel they acted promptly and efficiently in reducing the risk to everyone in the home.  Thank you so much to all the team – you are doing a fantastic job!”

Please do pass this on to the team at Windsor court and use any or all of it on your web site.  I just don’t know what I would have done is Mary was still at home!  And I am so reassured that they are looking after her well despite my not being able to visit.

Keep well Best wishes


To everyone at Windsor Court – words cannot express how deeply grateful our family are of how you are caring for dad ( Priam ) and keeping him safe and shielded from the awful things that are going on around the world. We will forever be indebted to you.  The fact you have taken the time to arrange Skype calls so we can speak to him is amazing.
Lesley has gone above and beyond recently in helping us to sort out some deeply personal issues we had around dad and we can’t thank her enough.  Dad went through a terrible time before arriving at Windsor court and struggles to settle easily.  It is a testament to all the staff how well he has settled and looks on them as his second family! Everyone is so lovely and nothing is too much. In these worrying times it is fantastic to know everyone is pulling out all the stops to keep the residents safe ! They have selflessly put the residents safety above their own and all deserve medals! Thank you so so much once again and please stay safe ! love Sarah , Sascha and family xx

Thanks again ,



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