Good Care Month with Beritaz Care

Good Care Month with Beritaz Care

Good Care Month takes place every July, this campaign celebrates all of the hardworking people within the care industry and the important job they do, as well as the organisations providing vital care services across the UK.

At our homes we focus on providing person-centred care, understanding the needs of the individual and offering compassionate support in a way that still encourages independence as much as possible. Here are some of the ways in which our homes provide excellent care to our residents.

Ashton Manor Nursing Home
Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation

Working to improve the residents’ physical strength and mobility is a core aspect of the support provided by the team at Ashton Manor. Regularly taking part in gentle exercise is very beneficial for both the physical and mental wellbeing of the residents.

At Ashton Manor the in-house physiotherapist Fiona, works with residents each week on exercises designed to help them build strength and improve balance. The residents take part in armchair exercise sessions, as well as strength and balance exercises using the walking bars.

Exercises are developed to build strength and mobility based on each resident’s needs and individual care plans. The team work hard to make physical exercise fun and enjoyable for the residents, no matter their abilities.

Springkell House Care Home
Pets as Therapy & Musical Entertainment

At Springkell House residents benefit from a varied and interesting activities schedule, including special visitors providing entertainment on a regular basis.

Music can have a very positive impact on residents’ mood and can be very uplifting. At Springkell House they welcome a variety of musical entertainers from different genres into the home to perform for the residents. From talented violinists to era themed singers, there is something to suit a range of musical tastes. These are always fantastic social events for everyone to get involved with and even have a sing-a-long or dance.

Another group of visitors that are very popular at Springkell House are the cute and cuddly animals that visit for Pets as Therapy sessions each month. With guinea pigs, rabbits, ducks and chickens these adorable little visitors provide so much entertainment with their funny antics, and always bring a big smile to the residents faces.

Chestnut Court Care Home
Gardening Club & Enjoying the Outdoors

We never want residents to feel like they are cooped-up indoors for too long, at Chestnut Court everyone has lots of opportunities to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. In the spring and summer many of the residents like to spend time outdoors, enjoying the views of the garden and having a nice drink or even eating their lunch in the sun.

Getting some gentle exercise in the fresh air and sunshine is really beneficial for residents’ physical and mental wellbeing. The staff at Chestnut Court encourage residents to make the most of the good weather and often help them to enjoy a gentle walk nearby the home.

The Chestnut Court gardening club is very popular, residents enjoy getting involved with planting seeds and tending to their own plants in the garden, with the support of Alison the activities coordinator. Their vegetable patch is coming on particularly well, these gardening activities not only get the residents outdoors but also provide a purposeful task that they can take ownership of.

Robertson Nursing Home
Reminiscence & Mental Exercise

As well as caring for the physical health of our residents, at Beritaz Care we see supporting their mental wellbeing as equally important. The activities team at Robertson Nursing home are fantastic at presenting engaging activities for residents that double as cognitive exercises in a fun format.

The activities team at the home offer a range of games for the residents to get involved with. Group activities such as bingo and quizzes provide great opportunity for everyone to socialise and have fun, whilst also practicing memory skills and observation techniques. Some residents prefer to enjoy a jigsaw puzzle, either by themselves or with the assistance of our care team, this can provide a way for them to relax and unwind as well as help to improve their coordination and visual observation skills.

A fantastic pastime that residents really love taking part in is reminiscence activities, Penny the activities coordinator at Roberson creates engaging discussion topics using objects and photos to inspire memories and encourage the residents to share stories from their past. Residents really enjoy these sessions, they are helpful for improving recall skills and can be very therapeutic for the residents.

Windsor Court Care Home
Creative Activities & Crafts

At Windsor Court Care Home the residents are encouraged to express their creativity and take part in those hobbies that bring them joy and help with relaxation. It’s important for residents not to feel like they are missing out on things they used to enjoy when they move to one of our homes, being able to keep up with their hobbies is a great way to maintain that lifestyle.

At Windsor Court, residents have the opportunity to get involved in many different creative endeavours. Flower arranging, often using beautiful blooms straight from their garden, is a relaxing hobby and brightens up the home with the lovely arrangements.

The poetry club is very popular and a different opportunity for creative expression, the residents enjoy listening to poems and discussing them afterwards. One of the residents at Windsor Court is a talented poet himself and regularly pens his own verses for everyone to hear.

The residents are encouraged to make use of the dedicated arts & crafts space at the home where they can have a go at things like painting, drawing, creating collages or knitting, with lots of crafting resources available there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


We hope you have enjoyed finding out a little bit more about the ways in which the homes in the Beritaz Care group provide excellent care to all of our residents. For more information about any of our homes or the services provided by Beritaz Care please get in touch with us through our contact form.

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