National Conversation Week

National Conversation Week

This week is National Conversation Week in the UK. Whether it’s conversing with colleagues, chatting with a friend, or a deep and meaningful discussion with a loved one, the power of conversation is limitless. This is exactly what National Conversation Week is all about, shedding light on the benefits of the simple art of talking and encouraging us all to take some time to share a conversation with the people in our lives.

A life without conversation can be very lonely, which is why at Beritaz Care we want to make sure that is something our residents never have to worry about. We know how important it is for our residents to share in interactions and enjoy a good chat. We arrange lots of opportunities for our residents to come together and socialise, from having a chat over an afternoon tea to sharing stories and memories together in our reminiscence sessions.

Our staff also make sure to take the time to sit down with the residents one-on-one to talk about their feelings, anything that’s worrying them or just to chat together about their lives. This is what helps to build such strong bonds between our residents and staff, our residents always know there is someone there to talk to whenever they need to.

Take some time this week to stop and have a real conversation with the people around you, nothing can beat that human interaction which we are all so lucky to enjoy.

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