Safeguarding Adults Week 2023

Safeguarding Adults Week 2023

This week is Safeguarding Adults Week, a campaign started by the Ann Craft Trust aimed at raising awareness around key safeguarding issues and practices.

This is a topic we at Beritaz Care are very passionate about, within the care industry safeguarding is one of the key factors that shapes the services we provide. As well as the extensive safeguarding procedures we have in place to ensure our residents are always safe and well cared for within our homes, we are also very aware of adult safeguarding when it comes to our staff.

This year’s campaign is focussing on the link between safeguarding and wellbeing, whether that be physical or mental. It is our responsibility within our homes to ensure the wellbeing of the individuals we are supporting, but there are ways in which everyone can take responsibility for safeguarding those around them. This blog ‘What Is My Role In Safeguarding?’ gives some fantastic information and advice on how anyone can become more aware of safeguarding;

Another key focus of this year’s campaign is ‘co-production’, the idea that those who are affected or use a service, are best placed to help design it. Co-production is where service providers and users, work together to reach a collective outcome, which is a philosophy we have incorporated in our homes for quite some time. We believe our residents should always have a say in the care they receive, from their personal care plans, the activities on offer, the food they eat and even the décor of the home. We also form close relationships with our residents’ family members, making sure they are always aware of the care their loved one is receiving and that there is an open line of communication if they have any concerns or queries. Working together with our staff, residents and their relatives is the best way to ensure we provide the right support for each person. Find out more about co-production here;

While the wellbeing of our residents is our top priority, we are also conscious of our responsibility for the safeguarding of the staff across our homes. During Safeguarding Adults Week we are encouraged to ask the question… “who cares for the carers?” In order to effectively support the people within our care it is also important for our staff to prioritise their own wellbeing, in order to avoid increased stress levels or even burn out. At Beritaz we aim to create a culture where staff wellbeing is encouraged and enabled, our staff know they can come to us if they are struggling in either their personal or work lives. We also encourage fun activities where staff can decompress, such as our staff social events. Find out more about safeguarding in the workplace here;

During this Safeguarding Adults Week, take some time to consider your own role in safeguarding, how you can prioritise the welfare and wellbeing of yourself and others? For lots more useful resources around this campaign and tools for starting important conversations about safeguarding, visit

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