Christmas coming in 2017

22 Jan 2018

Christmas coming in 2017

DSCN1312 DSCN1322Christmas at Beritaz Care

Quality time with residents

We are excited about Christmas time coming to our Homes. We have been busy decorating Christmas trees and having some time to party with our residents. Families and friends could taste some of lovely mince pies and relax with their dear ones in cosy environment.

Celebrating Christmas in our homes is all about making the festive period special for those, who need support in their daily activities. We take pride in making everyone’s time special with Christmas presents and being together as one family.

Some residents will enjoy reminiscing about past Christmas and some want to participate in activities such as making Christmas cards and decorations to help people rekindle the Christmas spirit!

Staff matter too

All of our staff teams enjoyed staff parties and as everyone has got a different experience about how they enjoy their Christmas time, there is always plenty to share with your colleagues, how we prefer to celebrate Christmas..

Our staff are valuable and we try to keep rotas as flexible as possible over Christmas time. Some prefer to work Christmas and some can experience a challenging time being often away from home. We are understanding to people of different faiths and know they often need support during their special festivals. Christmas can be a challenging time of the year for people but our family atmosphere surrounded by management who cares about team and residents make all the difference.


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